Eye catching!!

ive been told you, meaning I should start with a quote, as i don’t know any that would apply i made up a saying that i think fits in quite well but is also contradictory, art humor I guess! “create don’t replicate/ and or don’t create replicate”

as to why I wanted to create this or a future reference, “blog” is beyond me, maybe it was for the reason to justify why and what I do! but a part of me snapped with rage at this proposal, who are these people to question  what I create, those that judge or give that questioning look for validation! for these reason I……. almost halted production but chose better judgement. to be rewarded with the glee and reassurance that my own project little or big, where worth those minuets! now that is some thing worth more than its weight in gold, to me it is any ways.

now that you understand or pretend to are neither here nor there I’m afraid:

welcome to the Odyssey of Mr Toby A. Nava

all my works with be referenced with the following as best to my memory:





inspiration ect..